Ast 101

To determine the circumference of the equator of the globe, take a long length of string and place it on the globe of your site. Some flashy animations could really drive the customers to your door. Length of string from spaceport to center of site in cm: Assume that there are only two spaceports located at the equator of the planet, but on opposite sides.

Your brochure should be at least one page in length, consisting of at least two paragraphs about the site, a paragraph or two about its available attractions, and a short section at the end with the travel directions. Each globe has longitude and latitude markings on it, just like an Earth globe would.

Here are a few other options to consider: Find the circumference by using the following formula and record your answer in the space below. Travel times between worlds table Travel time from spaceport Information about the site and the world Special instructions about the site Attractions at the site.

Use your textbook, textbooks available in the lab room, and whatever resources you can find on the web to look up information about your site. Ast 101 the yearyou can imagine that almost anything you can think of for a particular site will at least have been tried once, so it is likely that whatever you mention will be available to the tourists with obvious exception, like skiing or hiking inside of an active volcano.

If the object is not marked on the globe, the latitude and longitude coordinates of the object or other means by which you can locate the site will be written on the piece of paper your drew in class.

You have now completed the portion of the assignment that must be done in the lab. Circumference of the world in km: Length of string in cm around the equator of the globe: Now, take the string and find the shortest distance from the closest spaceport to your tourist site measure to the center of the site.

Use the meter stick to measure the length of this piece of string. Include citations for the pictures you use in the brochure as well. For example, you can expect cold places to have winter sports and activities available e.

You should also print out a picture of the site for the front cover.

Find your object on the globe. After you determine how much string covers the equator, measure the string in centimeters using one of the meter sticks.

Check with your instructor. The assignment is only designed to take about two hours to complete. It should go at the end in the travel directions section.

Record this value in the space below. You can attach pictures to an email. Not all of the objects are pictured on the globe. Record this answer in the space provided. Record this length in the space below. These citations do not need to be printed in the brochure; you can turn them in as a separate attachment with the work you completed here.Astronomy Lab: Future Tourist Traps.

If you own a laptop, you may bring it to class. Pre-Lab Assignment: In lab today, you will draw a slip of paper with your will be writing your report on that particular object. Learn ast with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of ast flashcards on Quizlet.

AST - Keyboarding I Teaches the alpha/numeric keyboard with emphasis on correct techniques, speed, and accuracy.

Teaches formatting of basic personal and business correspondence, reports and tabulation. Start studying AST Solar System Astronomy Final Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

AST-101 Introductory Astronomy

AST Introductory Astronomy. Explores the broad range of concepts and principles in astronomy, placing emphasis on the scientific evidence that astronomers use to support their conclusions. Welcome to AST Astronomy of the Solar System Fall Professor Philip Harrington. Welcome to the ASTAstronomy of the Solar System Home will introduce students to the methods of astronomy and will lead all through a tour of the solar system, the collection of bodies that circles our star, the Sun.

Ast 101
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