Dilbert business planning cartoons characters

Adams is inconsistent with his depictions of Phil, who sometimes has horns and sometimes does not, and sometimes carries a pitchfork rather than a spoon.

Ted appears in an episode of the series "Y2K", and is mentioned in "the Little People". He hates work and avoids it whenever he can. When an older Dilbert arrives while time-traveling from the future, he refers to Dogbert as "majesty", indicating that Dogbert will one day indeed rule the world Dogbert is a megalomaniac intellectual dog, planning to one day conquer the world.

Between offering the advice to recruit someone to blame when the project fails and suggesting that project budgets are determined in a game of darts, the brighter side of project management is highlighted.

When you can layer two humor triggers in the same comic it almost always works. Asok is intensely intelligent but naive about corporate life; the shattering of his optimistic illusions becomes frequent comic fodder. Like the Pointy-Haired Boss, Wally is utterly lacking in ethics and will take advantage of any situation to maximize his personal gain while doing the least possible amount of honest work.

If you have a job, you probably spend some part of each day trying to disguise your selfish motives as win-win scenarios. As of February 7,Asok is officially gay, which never impacts any storylines but merely commemorates a decision by the Indian Supreme Court to uphold an anti-gay law.

He is a friend of Dilbert and Wally, but is not seen interacting with Alice or Asok as much. In the strips, his loud voice is represented by huge lettering and his comically huge mouth when talkingwhich takes up most of the available panel space and is therefore difficult to sustain as a running joke.

Ratbert A rat formerly used as a laboratory test animal. When I was on the speaking circuit I always used it to end my talks to thunderous laughter. Adams has stated that the inconsistency is because he sometimes forgets that Phil is not supposed to have a cape or a pitchfork.

Bob the Dinosaur[ edit ] A vegetarian dinosaur who tries to avoid using modern technology and seems proud of his low-tech lifestyle.

Dilbert originally disliked Ratbert for being a rat, but Ratbert is later accepted as a member of the family. Although his relationship with Alice is often antagonistic and Dilbert occasionally denies being his friend, their actions show at least a certain acceptance of him.

When you shine a light on irrational human behavior it usually triggers a laugh reflex. He also enjoys pulling scams on unsuspecting, and usually dull customers to steal their money.

At times, you may feel as though you are drowning in a stack of papers to process, E-mails to conquer, and tasks to complete.

The comic often shows her and her son passive-aggressively attempting to get out of seeing each other. This cartoon is a one-cell wonder. Nonetheless he is often called upon by the Boss to do odd jobs, and in meetings his ideas are usually left hanging.

His test scores a perfect on the old SAT and his IQ of show that he is the smartest member of the engineering team. Squat and balding, Wally is almost invariably portrayed wearing a short sleeved dress shirt and tie.This is a list of characters that have appeared in Scott Adams' Dilbert comic strip.

The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animation, mashups and more starring Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, The Pointy Haired Boss, Alice, Asok, Dogberts New Ruling Class and more. Nov 07,  · Dilbert's Business Plan. Category Dilbert Animated Cartoons S1 • E8 Dilbert Animated Cartoons Sales & Operations Planning Video - funny -.

Check out our list of the top Dilbert project management cartoons! Browse Software; Search; Blogs; 10 Dilbert Cartoons That Get Project Management Just Right.

Dilbert.com by Scott Adams

Published December 1st, by Rachel Burger in Project Management. Share This Article I certainly like Dilbert’s view on the world of business. It is just so accurate. Dilbert On Strategic Planning: Don’t Just Plan – Execute!

The top 10 Dilbert cartoons, according to creator Scott Adams

By Todd Ballowe This recent Dilbert strip about Strategic Planning, while hilarious, is pretty scary. On the Dilbert website, you can create your own versions of Dilbert comic strips – and even post them for others to read.

Dilbert On Strategic Planning: Don’t Just Plan – Execute!

While listed last on this list, Dilbert is always first in my heart when it comes to laughing about the world of business.

Dilbert business planning cartoons characters
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