Equality and diversity case studies in education

What issues should you consider in your response? He does have direct eye contact with male colleagues. This resource is designed to help you learn more about embedding equality and diversity into both leadership and curriculum development and the competencies needed to achieve this.

Each activity comes with accompanying guidance notes and is all ready to use. Please click here to see our suggested answer. She is determined, though, to carry on with her training.

How should you deal with this issue? Case study one A second-year student has recently married and converted to Judaism. A month ago the learner was signed off on sick leave. This activity pack contains 12 practical tried and tested activities that can be easily adapted as required for different audiences and come complete with differentiation ideas and materials to meet individual needs.

She has written a formal letter to you requesting permission to leave lectures early on Friday afternoons. All offer the participants powerful insights into the key equality and diversity issues surrounding gender. Case study four In a supervised session a student expresses a concern to you.

How should you respond?

Case studies

The student has mentioned that Fridays are now very difficult for her as she should really leave lectures early in order to begin to observe the Sabbath. Her husband follows the Jewish faith and converting was something she felt was really important to her new relationship. Alternatively, the facilitators delivering these activities can choose to use something of their own alongside these activities.

Case study two You have observed that a Muslim trainee never has any eye contact with female colleagues or patients when he is talking to them. It then goes on to look at the quality processes of inspection and self-assessment before looking in detail at embedding equality and diversity in teaching and learning and learning support.

She did not tell you until three months ago, when she confided in you about what she was experiencing and the treatment she was getting from her doctor and therapist. They have recently disclosed their sexuality to a fellow student who they have always got on well with.

Case study three A trainee has approached you with a request not to have to deal with a particular patient because they feel she is treating them in a racist manner. Suggestions of possible approaches are provided.

Equality Case Studies

Many of the activities are interchangeable with different resources. It covers a host of topics that fit in with the PSHE national curriculum and are transferable to use with adult groups and as part of staff development and induction, and includes separate printable card pack.

The activity plans and resources have been designed primarily to support the implementation of equality and diversity into teaching and learning; however, they can be easily adapted to suit any age group.

They recognised the need to treat others with respect regardless of their sexuality, so while they felt it was not acceptable to be a lesbian they nevertheless wanted to maintain a positive relationship with their colleague.

Is this response acceptable? The student has previously demonstrated no performance concerns. Case study five A trainee was diagnosed with depression about a year ago. What support can you provide to her? They requested that the lesbian student should help in this by not referring greatly to their sexuality again.

She returned to work last week but is overwhelmed. Their colleague was surprised and stated that they have a strong moral objection to lesbians and gay men. You are concerned that this will impact on his relationships. Can they refuse to deal with a patient on these grounds? She has stated that she will ensure she will take responsibility to catch up with any missed work.

What issues do you consider in your response? They are photocopiable and catalogued in an accessible and user-friendly way.Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services / Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

This text is an abridged excerpt from chapters 1 and 2 of Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education, reproduced here with permission of Routledge. CASE STUDIES ON Diversity & Social Justice Education BY PAUL C.

GORSKI & SEEMA G. POTHINI SAMANTHA, A VIVACIOUS seventh grader at Hillside School, a middle. This text is an abridged excerpt from chapters 1 and 2 of Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education, reproduced here with permission of Routledge Samantha, a vivacious seventh grader at Hillside School, a middle school in the predominantly low-income mountainous outskirts of northern Virginia, loves science class.

These case study scenarios and case analysis framework were written by Paul C. Gorski and Seema Pothini for their co-authored book, Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education, published in by Routledge.

The book contains more than 35 school- and classroom-based cause study scenarios related to issues like race, class, gender. Case studies The following case studies have been designed to help you to embed your understanding of equality, diversity and discrimination.

You may wish to jot down your response to these in ‘my area’. 4 Equality and diversity in learning and teaching in higher education Emerging themes calling for a re-addressing of the concept of diversity in relation to privilege, dominance and power, and a re-orientating of discussions of racialised gaps in attainment towards that of ‘racialised gaps in .

Equality and diversity case studies in education
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