Fomite transmission experiment lab report

Experimental Section This study was carried out between July and August From these results it appears that fomites are a more infectious method of microbial transmission. The descriptions from parts A2 and A2a belong in the materials and methods section of the lab report. They were then allocated at random to 1 handwashing with water, 2 handwashing with non-antibacterial soap and 3 no handwashing.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Each person of group A touched the knob with a sterilized glove. Agglutination indicated a positive result for Enterococcus spp. If the cell numbers were too low for conducting regression analysis, Fishers exact test was used instead, ignoring clustering the design effect was found to be low, see results.

Discuss whether your observations matched your expectations for two sites. After Fomite transmission experiment lab report the agar plate, the student washed their gloved hand with soap without contamination from the other hand.

The volunteers allocated to handwashing were then provided with a paper towel to dry their hands. This article is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: The effect did not appear to depend on the bacteria species.

However, the lack of difference in bacterial contamination may have been due to lack of compliance with the intervention. There are several errors that could occur in this experiment, which could skew the data.

The methodology for this experiment began with the TA placing a source of Serratia marcescens on the doorknob. Your report should include the following sections: A wet NaCl-soaked charcoal swab was then wiped across the fingers of the dominant hand of the participant.

This leads to a couple hypotheses.

Transmission of Microorganisms on Skin and Fomites

The information required for each section is outlined below. As mentioned previously, it was important that each individual member be accountable for their glove washing methods. Endogenous infections are caused by microorganisms already inhabiting the person that gain strength and multiply while the patient is in a weakened, hospitalized state which they are often immunocompromised.

It is also interesting to note the trend of microbial growth after hand washing. Describe the eight sites you chose to test in the Fomite Transmission LabPaq experiment.

The first study in this dissertation examines virus transfer between skin and surfaces, a necessary step in fomite-mediated transmission of viral disease. Group B tested the fomite form of microbial transmission. The description may include the amount, diversity, color, and texture of the growth.

This continued all the way until person We will write a custom essay sample on Experiment Fomite Transmission specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The three primary modes of pathogen transmission are vertical, horizontal, and contact.

Vertical transmission occurs from mother to child, usually via the placenta. Fomites in infectious disease transmission [electronic resource]: a modeling, laboratory, and field study on microbial transfer between skin and surfaces. College essay writing service Question description For this task, perform the Fomite Transmission LabPaq experiment.

The instructions for completing the experiment are found at the “LabArchives” website found in the web links section below. Then, write a lab report discussing this experiment.

Your lab report should be written in complete. The Microbiology LabPaq contains traditional lab experiments uniquely designed to mirror those performed on college campuses around the world.

EXPERIMENT 1: Observing Bacteria and Blood EXPERIMENT Fomite Transmission EXPERIMENT Microbes in the Environment EXPERIMENT Fungi Version Experiment Fomite Transmission Wesley Webster Student ID# Western Governors University MLT 1 Dr. Kim Shahi and Dr. Heidi Atkinson September 3, Experiment Fomite The Experiment.

Experiments in physics lab report Department of Electrical Engineering Isabela State University Ilagan Campus. A subtype of fomite exposure, traffic transmission involves a vehicle, trailer, or human, which causes the spread of a pathogenic agent through contaminated tires, wheel wells, undercarriage, clothing, or shoes/boots by spreading organic material to another location.

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Fomite transmission experiment lab report
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