High school transfer papers

If the move is sudden, many schools can make accommodations so that you can begin attending classes right away lucky you! Student Transfer Policy Procedures Caldwell County students must enroll in the school that serves the district in which they live or have an approved transfer.

Want to know what your course options are in high school? Below are the three most common reasons to transfer high schools. You will be required to attend your current school until your transfer request is approved and you start at your new school. Transfer Policy Springfield Public School District offers attendance center transfers to students who meet pre-determined criteria as set forth in District Board Policies.

When someone says they are transferring schools, what does that actually mean? How Do You Start the Process? In rare occasions, a student may also be forced to leave a school for disciplinary reasons.

Once you are approved to attend a new school, you may take placement tests so that you are placed in the classes best suited for you.

Check out our guide to see if online high school is the right choice for you. You may find that your new school has different graduation requirements than your previous school did.

Sometimes meeting these new graduation requirements means your schedule looks a little odd. Sometimes students are worried that transferring schools and having two transcripts will negatively affect their college applications. The only time transferring high schools will have a negative impact on your college applications is if your grades dropped significantly or you transferred due to behavioral or disciplinary reasons.

District Transfers

Transfer applications will typically ask for some identifying information, proof of residency, medical forms, and transcripts from your current high school.

They Move to a New Area This is, by far, the most common reason people transfer high schools. If you are prepared and know what to expect, chances are transferring high schools will be a smooth process.

This policy is strictly adhered to during decision-making. Application for Student Transfer forms are available at any school office, on line, or at The Education Center, located at Hickory Blvd in Lenoir.Students who currently have an approved transfer DO NOT need to reapply unless they want to change schools.

How Can I Transfer to Another High School?

Students who are transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school DO need to apply for a transfer if they want to attend a school outside their assigned area. The transfer will be continued into the next school year unless the student moves from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school.

Parents / Students

Revocation of Transfer: A school may revoke the transfer during a school year or at the end of the school year based on continued poor attendance and/or continued behavior problems. Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts; Boude Storey Middle School; The original transfer window was available from 01/09 to 03/31/ Print a paper application below.

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Complete and submit to the transfer campus. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Section (d)(1)(D), for schools identified for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI),the local educational agency (LEA) may provide all students enrolled in the school with the option to transfer to another public school served by the LEA, unless such an option is prohibited by State law.

Student Transfers Students perform an experiment during class at Heights High School.


The Houston Independent School District promotes the concept of neighborhood schools and community involvement. Transfer Request: High School Please refer to page 2 before completing form. To be completed by Student and Parent/Legal Guardian & Signed by Principal/Assistant Principal of Designated school.

High school transfer papers
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