Intro to art swing low sweet

In fact, several intended Aladdin releases may not have been issued at all before being transferred to Score. Recorded in and they included his piano-playing partner at the time "Thunder" Smith.

Although this album is a inch record, it contains exactly the same material as the inch Orfeo OR- LP album. If this album and the next four albums exist, they would be five of the most collectible albums in the world.

The establishment of the Score label may account for the scarcity of the Aladdin and Intro inch albums, as they were only in print for a short time before being deleted and reissued on Score. The cover says "recorded stereophonically at the world famous Hollywood Palladium", although the album itself is mono.

Only four Billie Holiday cuts, with added filler. Aladdin number "LP" is not in the trailoff wax area, indicating that Aladdin LP was not released. West, Orfeo and Intro albums were reissued on Score.

Fourteen Etudes - Leah Effenbach [] Label is maroon with silver print. Label is maroon with silver printing. Aladdin number "LP" is not in the trailoff wax area indicating that Aladdin LP was probably not released. Reissue of Intro LP Reissue of Orfeo 11, with different cover art.

Just send them to us via e-mail. Reissue of Intro LP with the addition of the last 2 songs on side 2.

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This is actually a reissue of Intro LP with the addition of four songs. Reissue of Intro LP, the cover is changed from the Intro album. We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography.

Today, the Score albums are almost in as much demand as their big brother Aladdin. Intro number "LP" is not in the trailoff wax area.

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Thanks to Daniel Gugolz. While the Crown label flourished, the Score line of LPs seemed to die a slow death. Label is maroon with silver print. March 24, Following the lead of Modern Records, who had introduced a successful line of budget albums on the Crown label, the Mesner brothers, owners of Aladdin Records, started a budget line of LPs in using their old subsidiary name, Score.

Reissue of Aladdin LP The album cover is the first Score LP to be designated "Monaural", leaving the unwarranted?Set 1 Deep Elem Blues, Candyman, Silver Threads, Friend Of The Devil, Cumberland Blues, Wake Up Little Susie, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Uncle John's Band Set.

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Swing Low (D) Chords by Unlisted

Swing Low Sweet Chariot These Boots Were Made for Walking Three Wheels on my Wagon You are My Sunshine Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler Leaning on a Lamp Post Intro: [Am] / / / / [D7] / / / / [G] / / / / [D7] / / 1. Bring me [G] sunshine in your [Am] smile.

Swing Low (D) by Unlisted chords, lyrics, and tabs. Higher Praise is your resource for all Praise and Worship, and Christian Lyrics, Chords and Tabs. Swing Down Chariot chords - Randy Travis • Randy Travis CD Seems like a chariot comin' after me (f) Swing low sweet chariot (C) (G7) (C) Comin' for to cary me home CHORUS: C Why don't you swing down chariot stop and let me ride G7 Swing down chariot stop and let me ride C F C Am Rock me Lord, rock me Lord, calm and easy F G C I got a.

Be Still, My Soul - Traditional Christian Hymns and Spirituals for Worship, Prayer, Celebration, And Reverence Like Amazing Grace, Go Tell It on the Mountain, This Little Light of Mine, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, And More!

Intro to art swing low sweet
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