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Jekyll dwells with unconventional science and creates a new and evil identity, Mr. Bartleby By Milville Essay Dr Jekyll is a respectable doctor who uses his profession to produce a transcendental medicine in order to unleash his evil and fulfill his dark desires without having to face public scandal.

There are various reasons why Dr Jekyll such a respectable and honored man developed an extensive interest for Mr.

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Essay

One good side, with respectable people with high statuses, while the other side, the bad side with prostitutes, urban degeneration and the use of brothels.

As the key was destroyed, so was Hyde. Hyde leave people thinking negative things of him and a strong feeling of hatred and repulsion.

This creates tension and suspense but also to convey duality. This conveys that Jekyll had a high status, as in the Victorian times wine was a symbol which indicated status and respect.

Victorians showed a respectable face to the public and preferred to hide their evil side, so that there reputations would not get degraded. Either evil or good, perhaps they represent the hidden animal and the fai?? All these characteristics in both men are found in one body.

The main themes in the story are duality of human nature, respectability and hypocrisy. He also installs this evil atmosphere by the use of different literary techniques like personification, sharp contrasts and pathetic fallacy.

This relates to the gothic setting of the novella.

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We can not compare Hyde to a typical gothic monster because we can not omit the fact that Hyde is human. Hyde represents the animal side of human nature which scared the Victorian. However many people began to question the idea of these improvements and some were against it. He leaves a written confession where he narates his tragique story.

Hyde, I will be Mr. For example the phrase: Victorians were reluctant to these developments. In the Victorians time, status meant a lot to the professional classes.

In the Victorian period levels of statuses were made apparent by the way they acted and how they lived. This shows that evil and good can coexist, but because they are in bondage one controls the other. Stevenson might be trying to convey the message that the bondage between good and evil can never be broken, that good always coexists with evil and that appearances might not be a reality.

We can not distance our selves from Hyde and this makes him scarier; we can not say: This illustrates the theme of deception and hypocrisy. Stevenson was interested in the duality of human nature and this interest was aroused by his home town, Edinburgh.

This gives a very primitive, savage and dull facade of him. The working class were seen as lower down than the upper class. The atmosphere around evil is portrayed with unpleasant descriptions. It is the story about a doctor feeling he is always fighting within himself between what is good and what is evil.

At the beginning of the book, he commits violent acts against innocent people for no apparent reason He just does it out of pure evil. In Jekyll and Hyde this darkness coexists with light, because Hyde coexists with Jekyll. While light and sunshine indicates purifying of the soul.

Hyde is a sophisticated character, he is educated and uses a formal register: Conclusively Stevenson clearly states the human nature as possessing two aspects; he leaves open the question of what these aspects consist of.

This adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the story. Stevenson also shows duality in Jekyll. The theme of duality runs throughout the entire story. However Stevenson shows situational irony as later on Jekyll loses control and the potion does not work any longer.Owen Marshall’s ‘Mr Van Gogh’ addresses the inevitable issue of marginalisation of an individual.

Through language features he influences the reader to reflect and consider action of the attitudes towards the socially marginalised. Mr Van Gogh Literary Essay  Mr Van Gogh Literary Essay Will there always be a Mr Van Gogh?

Owen Marshall’s short story ‘ Mr Van Gogh ’ is an explanation of society’s harsh attitudes towards individuals today.

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Mr van gogh literary essay essay
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