Principles of health social care practice

To promote autonomy, support staff enable Miss P to access information that will support her in making informed choices.

Risk assessment should be reviewed regularly and immediately if new risk presents itself. Besides this, manager must ensure that they provide equity in the provision of care, accessibility of the facilities provided by the centre, financial help and liberty to the patients depending on their background and ultimately focus on the moral principles and sentiments of the diseases patients in the home care.

The role of a manager not only ends here, but is extended to the diet given to the patients, timely cleaning of rooms, personal hygiene and security of patients to a considerable level. The centre must focus on the system and that include fulfilment of care, timely services, fulfilment of attributes and expectations of the people existing in this system.

The same have been explained below: Hence the care home is responsible for fulfilling these three basic needs and requirements of old-age people to ensure that they do not have dependence on anybody to lead a high quality life. No Secrets — Guidance on developing and implementing multi-agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and outlines who is at risk and how this may present itself Department of Health, The care giver should take proper care to ensure that they take their medicines at proper times and regularly.

Miss P is of Italian heritage and it is vital that agencies working alongside her recognise the necessity to maintain her traditional and cultural values, such as her Catholic faith and her need to acknowledge Italian public holidays.

Unit 2 : Principles of Health and Social Practice

The care home looks after the needs of such old people and is governed by a separate code of conduct and legislations and ethics as mentioned by law. The old aged patients at the home care require regular grooming and personal care. The person delegated the authority in this case is responsible for all the actions taken by the individual.

The procedures and means which the care giver may adopt to prevent the people in the old care home from any undesirables situations are: In respecting her identity, cultural diversity and fostering barrier-free ways in which to achieve this, the care organisation can promote well-being by placing the control into the hands of the individual.

The system theory can be considered as a group effort that an individual or the group of individual must apply in order to make lives better and convenient. Same can be applied to the users associated with ABC care home Pujari, DBS checking, to ensure new staff have no previous criminal history.

The organisation demonstrates this by listening to what Miss P wants and enabling her to achieve it, not by dismissing her ideas and opinions. In practice this legislation can be applied to promote inclusion, clear communication and to enable Miss P to utilise choice.

Discussion about personal matters relating to families and individuals should take place in a private office. The old aged also have the right to lead to high quality, disease free life. At last, by engaging in ethical standards, efficiently handling case loads and progressing to augment professional knowledge, my work is influential in contributing to the quality of care Edwards, It helps in building better relationships in the facility.

Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

Supporting the basic health care needs of the residents is the responsibility of the care giver. Care workers have a responsibility to report any potential dangers or risks that could result in harm on to management and to make colleagues and individuals aware.

It is the duty of the care givers to maintain the basic hygiene and cleanliness of the residents. They take shelter in such care homes because of their personal issues like health or disability or because of social reasons like negligence from the family or any other reasons.

Justify the purpose for which the information is needed.Principles of Health and Social Care Practice Introduction This unit develops understanding of the values and principles that underpin the practice of all those who work in health and social care. Unit 2 Principles of health and social care practice 1.

What is meant by principles of support and how are they applied to ensure that individuals are/5(1). Health care industry has emerged to be the world’s largest industry.

The improvements in the healthcare have led to a gradual increase in the life expectancy and also improved the overall quality of life.

Subsequently, Principles health social practices assignment has emerged as a service industry with tremendous potential. 1 Understand how principles of support are implemented in health and social care practice Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that service users are cared for in ABC care home.

This course combines out certifications for Nursing and Social Care, enabling you to apply not only basic nursing principles but also to understand the social care needs of your patients, and how that can best be met within the British healthcare system.

Perfect for social workers, paramedics and carers. Principles of Health and Social Care Practice Understand how principles of support are implemented in health and social care practice – LO.1 THIS WORK IS.

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Principles of health social care practice
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