Question paper on human resource management

Elaborate any three methods of Performance Appraisal. Explain different types of separations? OR b How organisational strategies are closely linked with HR strategy. Q4 Do you think collective bargaining helps in avoiding disputes.

Elaborate any 3 methods of performance evaluation. Q6 Define manpower planning. For newly inducted employees in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company.

Human Resource Management Question Papers Pune University

Q2 a What is need of man power planning in an organization? Explain any 4 methods of training. Explain in detail the process of recruitment and selection. Q3 What are the various methods of performance appraisal?

How can effectiveness be improved through Kaizen? Discuss its importance in settlement of Industrial Disputes. Explain with importance of collective bargaining in organisation.

Elaborate the process of recruitment and selection. There have be exceptions to the Employment at Will made by courts. Discuss its importance in an organizational context.

All of the Above Explain various steps involved in manpower planning? Q5 Explain the concept of employee Relationship Management in organisational context.Human Resource Management Bharathiar University Question Papers M.B.A - Human Resource Management - Question Papers View / Download the Question Add To Favorites MBA – I Semester – Human Resource Management – BA Human Resource Management Question Papers Regulation Anna University BA HRM MBA 2nd Semester Question Paper Download.

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MAY (1) (a)What is the difference between Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development? (7) (b)Explain the different steps in the HR Planning process. MHRM DEGREE EXAMINATION MODEL QUESTION PAPER Paper – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Time- Three hours Maximum: 80 marks Section A-(5X3=15marks) Answer the following Questions (a) (i) Human Resource Management (or) (ii) Personnel Management (b) (i) Job Analysis (or) (ii) Job Design (c) (i) Recruitment (or) (ii) Selection (d) (i) Career Planning (or) (ii) Exit Interview.

Below given are Previous Years Question Papers of Human Resource Management (HRM) of Pune University.

MS-2 Management of Human Resources Question Papers

These Question Papers are of MBA course but can be .

Question paper on human resource management
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