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Academic Year 2018-2019

Review of classical sampling theory: The project can either consist in reproducing results from the literature, or can be research-oriented. Probability for Risk Management Note s: They are also frequently used as building blocks for non-Gaussian process models.

Consent of instructor and faculty advisor. Two systems for online handwriting recognition are described. This course covers contemporary developments from time-frequency transforms and wavelets s to compressed sensing sa period during which signal processing significantly evolved and broadened to become the "mathematics of information".

This course explores the connection between our models of the world and our observations of it. Using this toolkit, the efficacy of modern methods for analysis and prediction is considered both in mathematical systems and in real systems.

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Optimized Sparse Fast Fourier Transform

We will mainly focus on the discrete perspectives of these models, but will also at times discuss the connections to the continuous counterparts.

This course includes broad views of the development of the subject and closer looks at specific people and investigations, including reanalyses of historical data. Students working on a data analysis project in another context e.

In particular, it is one of the most fundamental mathematical tools used in financial mathematics although we will not discuss finance in this course. Experiments are shown using multinomial models for text, hidden Markov models for biological data sets and linear dynamical systems for time series data.

Department of Statistics

Random Matrices and Related Topics. Programming will be based on Python and R, but previous exposure to these languages is not assumed.

This course aims to bring together researchers with expertise in statistics, computation, and basic sciences, to work together to produce a solution to a particular problem. The first quarter introduces a range of statistical frameworks for finding low-dimensional structure in high-dimensional data, such as sparsity in regression, sparse graphical models, or low-rank structure.

Data types include images, archives of scientific articles, online ad clickthrough logs, and public records of the City of Chicago. This course covers latent variable models and graphical models; definitions and conditional independence properties; Markov chains, HMMs, mixture models, PCA, factor analysis, and hierarchical Bayes models; methods for estimation and probability computations EM, variational EM, MCMC, particle filtering, and Kalman Filter ; undirected graphs, Markov Random Fields, and decomposable graphs; message passing algorithms; sparse regression, Lasso, and Bayesian regression; and classification generative vs.

Modern Methods in Applied Statistics. The course will cover statistical applications in medicine, mental health, environmental science, analytical chemistry, and public policy.

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The course assumes some affinity with undergraduate mathematics. This course allows doctoral students to receive credit for advanced work related to their dissertation topics. Although an overview ,of relevant statistical theory will be presented, emphasis is on the development of statistical solutions to interesting applied problems.

Covers key principles in probability and statistics that are used to model and understand biological data. In the probability product kernel, data points in the input space are mapped to distributions over the sample space and a general inner product is then evaluated as the integral of the product of pairs of distributions.

Techniques discussed are illustrated by examples involving both physical and social sciences data. The data analytic tools that we will study will go beyond linear and multiple regression and often fall under the heading of "Multivariate Analysis" in Statistics.

This course will cover principles of data structure and algorithms, with emphasis on algorithms that have broad applications in computational biology.

Network Dynamics and Computation.

This course considers the modeling and analysis of data that are ordered in time. Computation and application will be emphasized so that students will be able to solve real-world problems with Bayesian techniques.

A graph transformer network for reading a bank check is also described. These courses treat statistical problems where the number of variables is very large.

Dynamic Bayesian Networks DBNs generalize HMMs by allowing the state space to be represented in factored form, instead of as a single discrete random variable. Sequential interactions are modeled by the st variables.However, perhaps the main value of the thesis is its catholic presentation of the field of sequential data modelling.

Probability product kernels by Tony Jebara, Risi Kondor, Andrew Howard, Kristin Bennett, Nicolò Cesa-bianchi - Journal of Machine Learning Research, I'm a Machine Learning researcher who would like to research applications of group theory in ML. There is a term "Partially Observed Groups" in machine learning theory which has been popularized by.

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PDF | On Jan 1,Risi Kondor and others published Group theoretical methods in machine learning. The Sparse Fast Fourier Transform is a recent algorithm developed by Hassanieh et al. [2, 3] for computing the the discrete Fourier Transforms on signals with a sparse (exact or approximately) frequency domain.

High Performance Sparse Fast Fourier Transform Master thesis, Computer Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. • Advisor: Dr. Risi Kondor University of Chicago, Chicago, IL Sept. – July • M.S.

in Statistics • Thesis: Graph-based Semi-supervised learning using Multiresolution Matrix Factorization • Relevant Coursework: computational linear algebra, machine learning, probability theory, generalized linear .

Risi kondor thesis
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