Shale gas overview

Schematic Geology of Natural Gas Resources Diagram showing the geometry of conventional and unconventional natural gas resources.

Based on the outcome of sampling after the treatment systems were installed, the EPA concluded that additional action by the Agency was not required. Enough for Years of Use At the rate of U. Contamination of surface waterways and groundwater with fracking fluids can be problematic.

One study found that the life-cycle demand for water from coal power in Texas could be more than halved by switching the fleet to NGCC. In existing Marcellus wells outside of New York this waste is stored on-site in large holding ponds until trucks haul it away.

Shale gas resource and production estimates increased significantly between the and Outlook reports and are likely to increase further in the future. However, clastic minerals actually contain more than clay minerals.

As natural gas becomes more and more important for the energy needs of the country, Marcellus Shale is slated become an even more important issue for many natural gas utilities, such as NiSource NINorthwestern Natural Gas NWN and many others, in the months to come.

US Shale is uniquely positioned to provide these requirements and has created a more effective and streamlined way of doing business in the oil and gas service industry.

Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has allowed access to large volumes of shale gas that were previously uneconomical to produce.

Shale gas a sound environmental option only if accompanied by stringent regulation. Department of Energy, [48] peer-reviewed studies by Carnegie Mellon University [49] and the University of Maryland, [50] and even the Natural Resources Defense Councilwhich concluded that the Howarth et al.

Shale gas drilling has significant water supply issues. All Canadian jurisdictions regulate the interface between water and the natural gas industry, and the application of evolving hydraulic fracturing techniques for unconventional gas development is no exception.

The 14 month seismicity included six felt earthquakes and culminated with a Mw 3. If mismanaged, the hydraulic fracturing fluid can be released by spills, leaks, or various other exposure pathways.

Environmental Protection Agency announced that it had completed its testing of private drinking water wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania. A gas pipeline is also required to evacuate production. Beginning inthe average number of earthquakes occurring per year of magnitude 3 or greater increased significantly, culminating in a six-fold increase in over 20th century levels.

Natural gas and Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing The extraction and use of shale gas can affect the environment through the leaking of extraction chemicals and waste into water supplies, the leaking of greenhouse gases during extraction, and the pollution caused by the improper processing of natural gas.

If the Clean Water Act was applied in when the shale gas boom started this would have been prevented. Various environmental agencies of shale states have started conducting reviews of hydro-fracking, and we expect state regulation to become less burdensome as time goes by.

Coal resource production requires at least twice as much water per million British thermal units mmBTU compared to shale gas production. In reservoir engineering, it is said that rocks with more brittle minerals such as siliceous more easily generate fractures than rocks with more clay minerals.

The quartz content is relatively high in Mesozoic lacustrine shale in the Ordos Basin. When sandy components are mixed in with shale, it can form sandy shale.

For the United States, EIA estimated a total "wet natural gas" resource of 2, tcf, including both shale and conventional gas.

Fracturing fluid is primarily water and approximately 0.

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However, foul-smelling odors and heavy metals contaminating the local water supply above-ground have been reported. A Clean-Burning Fuel Natural gas is cleaner-burning than coal or oil. There are many deposits of the material across the United States. So what exactly is Marcellus Shale and why is it so important?

Shale gas production did not occur on a large scale until Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation experimented during the s and s to make deep shale gas production a commercial reality in the Barnett Shale in North-Central Texas.

There are also fears of groundwater contamination, related to the process of fracking, in which water is mixed with sand and chemicals to help the natural gas flow to the surface.

Hydraulic fracturing allows drilling companies to extract natural gas from shale reserves such as the Marcellus. However, the project does have its drawbacks.In petroleum geology, shale gas reservoirs are usually characterized by extremely low permeability and porosity, which is generally considered a good source rock or caprock for oil/gas.

In faults and fracture belts, Bust et al.

Natural Gas Drilling Overview

() give an overview of shale properties. The Marcellus Shale development is one of the most promising natural gas reserves in the United States. A " super giant" gas field, it is likely to soon become a major contributor to the natural gas.

Haynesville Shale >> Overview. Haynesville Shale Haynesville and Bossier Shales of East Texas and northwest Louisiana are currently one of the most important shale-gas plays in North America, having high IPs, steep decline rates, EURs estimated at 3 to 7 Bcf per well of each formation, and play resources estimated together in the hundreds.

AN OVERVIEW OF MODERN SHALE GAS DEVELOPMENT IN THE UNITED STATES (U.S.) and providing an overview of modern shale gas Overview of Natural Gas. Background. Global Natural Gas Markets Overview: A Report Prepared by Leidos, Inc., Under Contract to EIA started in the mid‐s, largely due to the development of the nation’s shale resources.

LNG imports peaked in at Bcfd, and in fell to Bcfd. world shale oil resources and 7, trillion cubic feet of world shale gas resources.

The new global shale gas resource estimate is 10 percent higher than the estimate in the report.

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Shale gas overview
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