Short essay on a house on fire

Troy hands Taylor to me and goes back with a few neighbors. Meanwhile two fire brigade engines arrived and brought the fire under control in about an hour.

It was, however, last Sunday that I realized that it could destroy a whole house and endanger the life of the dwellers. Calls come from friends, and they suggest a benefit concert. I came out of my house to know what had happened in the neighborhood.

If there was no help of firemen, there would have been a loss beyond measure. The living room is dark, so I flip the light switch. Here we are on this day of giving thanks, grateful, yes, and also tired of being grateful and needy.

The loss of property was still not less and it was estimated up to one lakh rupees but thank God there was no loss of life. A house in my neighborhood had caught fire; people from the neighboring areas were rushing towards the house.

I run to the bedroom door and swing it open, and I am blown back, knocked to the floor. However, with a great deal of efforts fire could be extinguished but it caused great damage and destruction to the house.

450 words essay on A House on Fire

It is still in the house, too still. As they near the house, the windows blow out. Many were busy in bringing buckets of water while other poured it on the fire. I am disoriented, doubting my own memory.

But if it gets out of control, it brings on a lot of havoc. The fire spread to the other occupant of the house, Mr. Troy wraps his arms around Taylor and me. I sit up in bed, heart pounding, face wet with tears. I hold only his tiny hands, his body dangling. My mom answers it and returns to us. I was also enjoying a sound sleep in my room.

138 Words Short Essay on a House on Fire

As he flips a switch, a buzz sends us hurtling backward.words short essay on A House on Fire (free to read). Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Like all other accidents, fire accidents also usually take place because of some human failure.

The result is, however, disastrous. Fire spreads quickly and can cause huge loss to life and property. A terrible [ ]. Hollye Dexter thought she and her family lost everything in a destructive house fire. But they soon realized they were wrong.

Anna and Elena Balbusso for Reader's Digest [dropcap]On[/dropcap. The Present (Essay about a guy who starts house fires to make money when he gets called in to the fire department) and smell the smoke. 1/5(4). Jan 10,  · A HOUSE ON FIRE A HOUSE ON FIRE.

Points: Fire broke out in a big house – The cause of the fire. At this time a strong wind was blowing – The neighbors tried to control the fire. Soon the fire brigade arrived – The whole house was burnt to ashes – Much loss of property – An act of heroism displayed by a man.

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Yesterday evening I was doing my home work in my room. Suddenly, I heard a noise in the street.

490 Words Short Essay on a house on fire

I at once rushed outside. The people were crying 'Fire'!

Essay: A House on Fire

'Fire'! A house in the next street was on.

Short essay on a house on fire
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