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It throws water over the body to keep body cool. Usually they are made to come round to female elephant which is kept at a suitable place in the forest.

It has a big stomach, four strong legs, two big ears which seems like fan, two small Short essay on elephants, a long trunk, two big canine teeth which are known as tusks. Its trunk plays important role in feeding and drinking water.

They are used in falling trees, lifting logs, pushing them into rivers. Female elephants are used to live in groups however male elephants solitary.

African elephants are little bigger is size and darker in color than the Asian elephants. Its eyes are small. For some people, he is a means of earning money.

He eats soft green grasses, grains, bread, banana, sugarcane, etc. He is a wild as well as semi-domestic animal which is usually found in Asia and Africa.

Its body growth is continuing for up to 30 years. For these qualities, it is also called as royal animal.

But when hungry, it can eat anything it finds near at hand-bones, skin, fish, even a blanket. It is generally dark in colour. However, it may harm if anyone tease him. It walks majestically which gives it a royal look. Long Essay on Elephant Following are the long essay on elephant for students under words limit ofand words.

If some elephants break it, it grows again. With the help of its trunk it pulls hard the big trees and uproots them. It has big size body of grey color. Some of the elephants are seen to be white in colour in Burma. There are three sub-species found in India: When it becomes angry, it can destroy everything and may kill the people.

It is also considered as the strongest animal on the land. African elephants have more ribs 21 pair while Asian elephant have 20 pairs. It is an herbivorous animal which eats green grass, herbs, grains, fruits, stem, roots, bread and other eatable vegetarian things.

It is very obedient, intelligent and calm nature mammal.

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It uses its flexible trunk to do various activities such as feeding, drinking, and lifting up the other things. It is a huge animal and its colour is grey. It bears a great affection for its young ones.

It is much attached to children and often loves then and serves them. It can be trained and used for various purposes. So, it can be said that elephant is a social animal.

It has thorn protected skin which very thick.

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They keep him in tame at their home. He likes to eat banana stem. It has a long trunk attached with mouth and two tusks each side. Being a wild animal, elephant is an useful to humanity in various ways. It is an animal with big body generally found in the grey color.

A male elephant contains two long white teeth called as tusks.

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It has big heavy body and called as royal animal. It is quite famous for its big body, intelligence and obedient nature.Essay on Elephants - The Essay includes the history and characteristics of elephant and it lifestyle, food habits and few more.

The Elephant Essay, English Essay on The Elephant. The Elephant Essay in English. Subject: It has four legs like pillars, two large ears like big fans, a long trunk and a short tail. The male elephant has two long teeth known as tusks. They eats leaves, plants, grains etc.

Elephants are generally found in the jungle. The elephant is very. Words Short Essay on the Elephant for kids in thick jungles of Assam, Tripura, Mysore, etc. in India, and also found in bigger sizes in African woods. Some of the elephants are seen to be white in colour in Burma.

The elephant is an intelligent animal. It is trained and used in war, hunting, circus, zoo and also as a transporter of men. Short Paragraph on Elephant. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles In circus also elephants play very important roles. Even after its death an elephant is useful.

Bangles are made of its bones and tusks. Short Essay on Elephant ; Short Paragraph on Dog ; Short Paragraph on Horse ; Short paragraph on My Pet Dog ; Short paragraph on. Where are elephants found?

The elephant is found in Africa, India, Burma, Sri Lanka and Siam. Short Essay on Discipline; Short Paragraph on Elephant; Elephant: Appearance, Habitat, Uses, and Conclusion Short Essay on ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’. Essay On The Elephant For School Students. Article shared by. The elephant is a very huge animal.

It is ugly also.

The Elephant Essay, English Essay on The Elephant

It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. A short story on Elephants for kids ; Career Opportunities and Prospects in Advertising that Ensures High Remuneration.

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