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Decision-making is affected by the following factors: Value system plays a vital role in taking the final decision. In recent times, it was also seen that the noted legal leadership and contribution of Fali S. When decision making techniques such as simple prioritization, satisfying, elimination of alternatives, use of prayers, tarot cards, astrology are used, the chosen alternative will differ from individual to individual.

He always finds ways to remain safe and trouble free. It is the fear of being punished by law that inhibits a person from committing a crime. The others charged him with a breach of faith and proceeded to cast the dice.

Sexual desire, parenthood, and the kindness for family are some of the manifestations of the instinct of procreation. Can a killing in self-defense be excused?

It is clearly mentioned in the case by Keen as follows: The throw went against him, and he was then put to death and eaten by his companions. Taking this further, in order to survive the circumstance, the team decides to select and eat the flesh of one of the members by using a method involving a pair of dice.

It is a perspective oriented process and not a technique oriented process. No, the plea of self defense can not be applied to the given situation.

These explorers set themselves for the exploration of a remotely located limestone cave. In case of any differences in opinion of the group members, they should continue to discuss and reach on a common consensus. In this context we say that law helps a person to remain assured that there is some institution which will keep him safe and protected.

In such cases, taking others life will be termed as murder. As a Leader one comes across many types of situations as described below where his decisions can have a major influence: As seen in the case according to the demands of the situation a decision had to be taken or else it would have led to the death of everyone present there after ten days.

Looking from another dimension, it can also be concluded that the act was for survival. In the real world, most of the decisions are taken in an informal manner.

On receiving a negative response, Whetmore on behalf of his team further confirms with the physician if they could survive 10 days longer if they consumed the flesh of one of their members. At such times life seems more important than the law. In scenarios where techniques like flipism flipping a coin, cutting a deck of card or any other random method are used, the decision is independent of the value system of the decision maker.

Speluncean explorers

As it can be seen in Indian History, Emperor Akbar took many laws to promote secularism and overturned many laws which promoted discrimination against non-Muslim citizens like the tax levied from Hindus to visit pilgrimage sites.This case is a hypothetical legal case, which revolves around the four surviving Speluncean explorers who were charged with the murder of their fifth team member, Roger Whetmore.

These explorers set themselves for the exploration of a remotely located limestone cave. A brief history on the case The case of Speluncean Explorers v. Court of General Instances of the County of Stowfield () is about five.

The case of the Speluncean explorers. The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse one of the five judgments in the case of the Speluncean explorers. He took on the case from a morality point of view.

He was in favour of the defendants not being given a death sentence.

He criticized the other judges for failing to differentiate between the moral and legal aspects of the case. Free Essay: What determines whether an action undertaken by any agent is right or wrong?

Speluncean Explorers Case Essay Sample

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Case speluncean explorers.

Speluncean explorers case essay
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