The importance of investing in the solar energy for future sustainability

This enormous increase in food production supported a swift rise in population numbers, in a classic ecological feedback loop: There are no limits to human ingenuity!

He said the youth population poses security challenges of unemployment, social vices and the breakdown of family values.

World Population Awareness

With our private equity fund focused on the solar industry, we work with organizations like yours to finance and build on-site solar systems that will reduce your energy costs from day one. Any level of waste generation could be considered quasisustainable even for pollutants with no degradation rates, such as asbestos until the capacity of the environment to buffer humanity and its life support systems from unacceptably harmful effects is exceeded.

Some would like to limit growth in order to mitigate the production of greenhouse gases. Over million suffer from chronic malnutrition, almost a sixth of the population.

Navin Ramankutty, "Except for Latin America and Africa, all the places in the world where we could grow crops are already being cultivated.

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In the overseas manufacturing scenario, the panels are made in China and installed in Spain. Matthew Heun, Michael Carbajalas-hale, Becky Roseleus Haney Instead of problems in the subprime housing market, as economists claim, the Great Recession was a resource depletion problem masquerading as a financial crisis.

The two factors that determine the outcome of a dynamic life cycle analysis are the growth rate on the one hand, and the embodied energy and carbon of the PV system on the other hand. Soil can be made more productive by adding nutrients and irrigation; yields could possibly be increased further if it were economically feasible to grow crops hydroponically and sunlight were supplemented by artificial light.

Population Explosion Threatens Development Gains.

Solar power in the United States

Although the Green Revolution did increase food production more rapidly than some pessimists e. Still, the estimate as of the end of is that our overall ecological footprint is about "1. It a society that encourages procreation.

In the case of CFC-catalyzed ozone depletion, there is an actual lag time of approximately a decade between the release of an average CFC molecule and its arrival to the upper atmosphere where it is active. Thus, carrying capacity varies markedly with culture and level of economic development.

This will result in: Satellite observations over the past 30 years have also turned up nothing. There are now three hydroelectricity stations larger than 10 GW: The London Times reported on a study from Nature as follows: Similarly, large increases in methane and nitrous oxide fluxes would accompany planned expansion of agriculture and the continued destruction of tropical forest.

In other words, the higher our standard of living climbs, the lower our population level must fall in order to be sustainable. One of the most pervasive causes of social traps is the natural human tendency to discount costs that appear remote, either in time or space.Energy availability is the pillar for social and economic progress in a society.

Water holds the key to development of energy infrastructures and remains fundamental throughout the lifecycle of. Syncarpha Capital is a New York based private equity firm dedicated to developing, owning and operating commercial and utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems throughout the United States and Canada.

Environment & Sustainability

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What is Ecology?

Further information about IGU Events at WGC including the Presidents Dinner and Council Sessions can be found here. Living in nonlinear times is a publication by Forum for the Future – an independent non-profit working with businesses, governmental and others to tackle complex global sustainability challenges.

We believe that to survive and thrive in the future, we need to understand the trends shaping tomorrow. Using the Futures Centre, we're constantly scanning for the trends that will impact future.

Sustainability by Tiffany & Co. Industry Leadership. As a leader in the luxury industry, we recognize the opportunity we have to influence culture and set the standards for excellence—not only in fine jewelry and craftsmanship but also in what it means to be responsible corporate citizens.

The importance of investing in the solar energy for future sustainability
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