What are the relevant old testament and new testament texts related to mission

God is the same in both Testaments. That is to say, there is a numerical blessing. Rather, it was based on the fact that Jesus communicated it to his followers as a witness of himself Luke This passage, which is quoted in the New Testament, is a tremendous insight into the great vision of God for the people of God.

So this is a passage which is extremely important and is repeated to Abraham at several important junctures. The years of Egyptian slavery was soon to be passed by the next stage which actually calls them to take possession of the land.

What does the Old Testament have to say about missions?

Paul says in reference to his turning to the Gentiles, in Acts This could not be further from the truth. The history and tradition behind the Old Testament was simply assumed.

He quoted it often when going through hardships Matt 4: Old simply means that it came first, that it predates the New. Old, in this case, does not mean antiquated, irrelevant or no longer useful.

That becomes very, very difficult for them to sometimes gain possession of because they are so busy worrying about maintaining their possession of the land. In reinterpreting the Old Testament Christologically, they did not necessarily occupy themselves with interpreting its imagery historically.

The neotestamentarian writers did not concern themselves with archeological findings or historical legitimacy. Rather, they pursued a course of interpreting it in light of their own Jewish tradition and the new found revelation of Christ. In the larger lectures we explain more carefully how this process happens.

They eventually get exiled, and therefore it becomes extremely difficult for them to even think about the larger, global implications of their calling as the people of God.

Yet we read that God is going to multiply his descendents and make them as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. It is the Old Testament that shaped the entire theological and epistemological framework of the New Testament writers. Secondly he tells him, continuing in v.

This, of course, is explored in greater detail in the expanded lectures that are available through biblicaltraining.

Since you reject it and do not consider yourselves worthy of eternal life, we now turn to the Gentiles.

Verses on missions: Christian missions in the Bible

The Apostles believed that the Law and its instruction for daily life and worship was a shadow of the good things to come in Christ Heb In that covenant, which is Genesis He promises Abraham that He will bless him personally.

The Old Testament is often dismissed as a collection of laws from an angry God who is out to punish anyone who disobeys them. And then thirdly, v. Its historicity took a supporting role in favor of the communication of its Christological message and meaning.

What does the Old Testament have to say about missions? Be restored to the land. And so there is a long process, throughout the book of Joshua especially, where we find the Israelites taking possession of the land and fulfilling almost completely, but certainly significantly, the geographic portion of this, that they will take possession of the land that God promised to Abraham.

For example, in Psalm 2, where we have the nations of the world to whom has been given this great promise that God wants to bless them, and instead we meet in Psalm 2 the nations raging and plotting against the LORD — that is Yahweh — and against His anointed one — that is the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Apostles considered it to be the inspired Word of God 2Tim 3: Since the Old Testament came first, it serves as a foundation for the New. For example, in Genesis This is done throughout the Old Testament in a number of ways. Unlike today, the legitimacy of the interpretation and its message was not linked to the authenticity or lack of of the events that took place in the Old Testament.

This series came about as an attempt to lead the Church away from the shallow semiotics that is often applied to the OT.The Great Commission is only one reason for God's people to be doing global mission.

There are lots of other missions verses in God's Word. Here is a partial listing of missionary scriptures — scriptures concerning missions — from the New Testament. Use these to encourage a clear missionary vision.

the use of an Old Testament in the New which demonstrates and builds upon a clear understanding of the issues involved, the relevant literature and careful exegesis of Old Testament, Jewish and New Testament texts. What Are The Relevant Old Testament And New Testament Texts Related To Mission.

in the New Testament Compartmentalizing Scripture is a contemporarily popular way to study the Bible and is very useful at times. However, Scripture tends to unify itself. Relevant Old Testament and New Testament Texts Related To Mission The whole concept of missions is related to the Latin term missio Dei, ³mission of God.´ Beginning with creation, God¶s mission was to create a world full of people who knew Him, fellowshipped with Him and trusted Him.2 Mark G.

Cambron. Bible Doctrines, Beliefs 5/5(2).

How the Old Testament is Relevant Today

The mission of God lies behind the whole of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and the particular task which we call missions today. So one of the earlier texts we will look at is the text in Genesis 12, because in that text we find the tremendous revelation of Yahweh to Abraham where he reveals to Abraham a covenantal promise.

In the Old Testament, God is a sending or missionary God. There are hundreds of references to God sending. He sends Moses, angels, prophets, commandments and he sends his word. Explore and discuss: Exodus ; Exodus ; 2 Samuel ; Psalm ; Psalm ; And so it goes on.

God has a dynamic involvement in the world .

What are the relevant old testament and new testament texts related to mission
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