Write website brief

Explain what sets you apart from your competitors, and what is special about your approach to your work. When you started the search for someone to rebuild your website you had a number of reasons as to why you needed a rebuild, This is the time to outline your aims.

Optional Tags wrap-ups of choice, such as personal information write website brief career objectives Example: It might sound like a simplistic statement, but it is rare brief indeed that is written from the perspective of the users. What you want your website visitors to do and why should they do it?

Budget What is your budget for design and development of your website? If it is an intranet, is it a Windows only environment? Could it offer functionality to make processes easier? It might be an analytics package that does this, or it might be training for telesales to encourage them to ask how a customer learnt of a promotion.

How to Write a Website Design Brief

Do some structured online research of what websites might be useful to present to the agencies. The promotion of your website, in terms of increasing visibility in search engines and generating a sense of engagement, is vitally important to the continued success of the site.

Do you want your customer to call? And one that is common to any endeavour right? This should not be seen solely as a beauty contest where you just present designs that you like. What do your users want? A well-crafted brief supplies a clear base from which the agency and client can align their thinking.

What is good about your current website? Others are far more concerned with the minutiae. A web design brief is a document that guides the entire web design process. This will help you and your agency best allocate the necessary resources to your project.

What turns them off?

How to write a brief for a website

So with that in mind you need to think practically about how you and your business plan to produce this content. Write a creative brief. In order to meet your requirements, any design agency would need to know why the old website is no longer suitable.

How many people will be on your project team? Who is responsible for updating the site? What is your vision?

How to Write a Killer Web Design Brief

Banner advertising on related websites.Helios Design Website Project Brief Sample A Project Brief is that essential document, which defines primary client's requirements for the project.

Typically, The blur Hangout about tips and tools to use and think about, when you write a brief in the online world. Write your website design brief. Download our free website design brief template. Save time creating your website design brief by downloading our template. Our example’s based on a fictional company that needs a brochure website, so some sections might not be relevant to your project, but the format’s the same and it should save you a lot.

Invest the Time in Creating a Website Brief. Well, here’s some very good news: Writing a great website brief is actually pretty simple, because. How to Write a Web Site Creative Brief February 26, August 26, Christian Watson Web Design When I wrote about creating a standardized web site development workflow I mentioned how the development of the creative brief is a key part of the initial concept phase of a web project.

Sample Website Brief 2 Sample Website Brief Many potential clients ask us for an example website brief. The following is a fictional example based on a.

Writing a web design brief I have had the pleasure of being involved on both sides of the website procurement process - answering RFPs (Request for Proposal, or Tenders in the UK) and in helping clients to draft web design briefs.5/5(7).

Write website brief
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