Writing a lesson plan for preschoolers

Series of Events The page on the right was taken from the setting displayed.

Lesson Plans for Preschool Writing

The students were to complete a series of events using the story starter below: Present a sign in activity that includes children finding a name tag with their name written on it. First attempts may look like scribbling to you, but are very meaningful attempts for preschoolers.

Schickedanz; Preschool Writing This series includes ways to include meaningful writing activities in your everyday preschool curriculum. Most students are able to recognize their names in print when presented with a list of names to choose from.

Separate the columns using letters of the alphabet. Are the children able to write the first letter of their name when given a model to copy? Because of the age of the children, a formal assessment will not be conducted.

All her characters will be different types of cats. Use the chart to decide how many names begin with "A" and so on.

Preschoolers learn best when the material presented is relevant to their lives and interests. Can children name the first letter of their first name?

An example of a setting can be found in the photograph on the left. All her characters will be related to a castle setting. Using the sticky name-tags created by the children, place each tag on the chart according to the first letter.

Writing and Differentiated Instruction Choosing a Setting The students first task was to choose a setting. While many children in your classroom may be able to write their entire first and last name, a few children may just be ready to hold a writing instrument in a mature grip.

This is why I love teaching!!! Make the lesson flexible enough to serve the needs of all of the children in your care.

Initially, they did not know the difference between a word and letter but now they can track and read words. Before beginning the writing process, students must be able to recognize their names and distinguish at least the first letter. Practicing a mature pencil grip, learning to recognize letters and sounds, and recognizing the importance of print are all precursors to preschool writing.

A simple writing lesson plan can begin with children learning to recognize the letters in their first names and making their first attempts at printing that first letter. Use collage materials, rice, macaroni, beads, or another textured material to decorate the letters, creating a tactile experience for children.

This name writing lesson is simple enough for beginning writers to participate in, yet offers a challenge when modified for older preschoolers. Create a chart using a large poster-board or foam-board that shows all letters of the alphabet.

When children are comfortable and can tell you what letter of the alphabet their name starts with, present them with a cut-out of their first name letter on cardboard or another heavy paper.

Be sure your class gets plenty of practice learning their names before moving on to more formal writing instruction. I provided a patterned story starter that allows for differentiation. Provide ample opportunities for children to practice holding writing instruments, as well as create letters.Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans | Teachers Pay TeachersSpecial Offers · Teaching ResourcesTypes: Units, Activities, Worksheets, Printables, Video, Curriculums.

I have taught many different grades; kindergarten and grade one are one of the most exciting in terms of witnessing growth.

It was only a few months ago when I was working with the students in hearing beginning sounds and now many of them can hear them at the beginning, middle and end of a word and print the letter that represents these sounds.

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Preschool Lesson Plans

The most important writing a child learns is to write their name. Use this simple writing lesson to help children learn to write their names.

Includes a tactile letter recognition activity, as well as a graphing activity and ways to provide meaningful writing experiences in your everyday curriculum. Lesson Plans & Worksheets for School Teachers | Lesson PlanetHow It Works · Single Sign-on · Professional Development · Inspiring Students.

Preschool Lesson Plans Early childhood education is an important period of your child's development. Parents and teachers are ever so aware that the early years of childhood can strongly affect human development.

Writing a lesson plan for preschoolers
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